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Professional Accessories:

  • Fully integrated solution for golf retail, professional instruction & club fitting
  • The most precise and comprehensive set of measurements


Launch Monitor

The launch monitor module provides highly accurate measurement of launch angle, ball speed and spin rate. The launch monitor is placed beside the tee position and has a close-up view of the golf ball. Advanced computer vision techniques are used to capture and analyze launch characteristics. The module can be used alone or integrated with the HD Golf simulator so that the flight path of the ball is shown on the simulator. The launch monitor is typically used to maximize driving distance by optimizing launch angle and ball type (low, medium, high spin) for a given ball speed. The unit has several significant advantages over competitive launch monitors including:

  • Uses regular golf balls with no requirement to mark balls
  • Designed specifically for indoor use - invisible (infrared) lighting versus visible strobe light
  • Uses advanced image based trigger (no audio trigger subject to false triggering)
  • Highly accurate and consistent
  • Can be integrated with simulator (other commercial devices are stand-alone requiring a separate computer).
Launch Monitor for Golf Simulator Actual launch Monitor for Simulator


Swing Capture & Analysis

The swing capture and analysis module incorporates two additional high speed, color cameras to capture the entire golf swing from two different views. The swing can be replayed on the large screen at regular speed, in slow motion and “freeze frame” throughout the golf swing allowing golfers to focus on any part of the swing in detail. A selection of software tools identifies swing problems and allows comparison of the swing to professional/perfect swings among other features. This module can also be integrated with the HD Golf simulator and does not require a separate computer.


Swing Analysis for Indoor Golf Simulator




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